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Ten years of grinding sword, To grind Yi flowers
YICHENG and China slow alliance strategic cooperation success
YICHENG13 anniversary
YICHENG successfully joined the malls and shops
YICHENG mall franchise successful operation
Two generation research and development come out

Quality achievement value, 

Value is better than promise

  1. We promise excellent quality is better than the value of the city to participate in the competition to win the cornerstone of Yi market trust.
  2. At the beginning of the establishment, Yi city will adhere to the product quality first approach.

We are the pioneers of Health Science and technology

  1. Sincerely, sincerely and frankly invite eight friends
  2. The company has extensive cooperation with famous Japanese and foreign friends and other famous enterprises both at home and abroad. It has further improved the competitiveness of enterprises and injected new vitality into the development of the company.


Yc-800 is developed and developed on the basis of analyzing and integrating the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. It is a kind of health equipment that is easy to operate and suitable for hospitals and families. It also has a practical new type of national patent.
Authority, trustworthy
Using advanced NdFeB magnetic system, double magnetic ring cutting, so that the water is completely high magnetization. Sophisticated technology, easy to clean, high temperature resistant, 0.01μm的滤孔,99.99%去除细菌、病毒、微生物等杂技。
Photon Body Regulator
Photon human body adjustment instrument through the total of 5 different combinations of functional accessories, can produce Yuan Chao similar products series level health care mode changes. Can relieve the throat, throat, nose, ears, head, and other parts of the body disease.


Shanghai Yicheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yicheng Medical Instrument Co., Ltd headquarters is located in Shanghai Hongqiao high tech talents in large area, close to metro line 17 subway station, from the subway station only 300 meters, take the subway to downtown Shanghai, only 30 minutes; take the subway to Hongqiao International Airport, Hongqiao high speed rail station, only 3 stations, only 10 minutes, traffic travel is very convenient, very convenient; G50, G1501 high-speed Shanghai Nanjing, Shanghai Hangzhou, close at hand, the Beijing Shanghai high speed around, car travel is also very convenient.


corporate culture

Science and technology achievement health is the core values, is engraved on each employee's inner motto, is the beautiful city people down-to-earth, development power up. We will continue to work hard, and constantly strive for product innovation and services, and create a warm and open, sincere cooperation, pioneering spirit of win-win situation......
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